Lower Back Soft Tissue Mobilization

Lower Back Soft Tissue Mobilization

Applying soft tissue mobilization to the lower back can be labor intensive and hard on the hands. Additionally, it is difficult to find the correct tools to help isolate and target the muscles in the lower back. Therawheel has a 4.5″ wheel that allows the therapist to mobilize deeper layers of the lower back. In addition, the single wheel design let’s the therapist mobilize the soft tissue at various angles for maximum mobility. Finally, it has a round tip for trigger point therapy on larger muscles like the quadratus lumborum.

ACL exercise- lateral hip strength

This exercise can be used to prevent acl injuries as well as to do after injury. Often, our lateral hip is very weak which leads to acl injuries. This simple exercise with a loop will help you strengthen the hips and prevent injuries.

Plantar Fasciitis Foam Roller Exercises

Try these foam roller exercises to help alleviate plantar fasciitis pain.

Plank Rows

This is one of my favorite exercises. It really involves the entire body! It is an advanced exercise so start slowly.

Plank with trunk rotation

This is an excellent core exercise for any sport, but it is great for tennis players. The plank position engages the core, and adding a trunk rotation adds an advanced element, which engages the obliques.

Wrist exercise for Golfers

This is an excellent and simple way to strengthen the forearm, which can help with wrist turnover in golf. Perform the exercise slowly and perform lower reps.

Lateral Speed for Tennis

This is an excellent way to develop lateral explosiveness for your tennis game.

Improve Trunk Rotation for Golf

As mentioned in previous videos, the hip flexor is a powerful muscle that attaches to the spine. When this muscle becomes stiff it can decrease trunk and hip mobility and cause low back pain. Keeping this muscle lengthened will improve your trunk rotation and prevent injuries.

Biceps Curls on Stability Ball

While the biceps are considered the “beach” muscles, they still play an important role in function. Performing a biceps curl on the stability ball will improve biceps strength as well as core stability.

Improve Golf Power- sideplank reverse fly

This is an advanced exercise that helps to improve core strength and stability, while also increasing shoulder power for the golf swing.