Inner Hip Strength

Inner Hip Strength

The inner thigh often gets ignored in performance and rehab programs for the knee and hip. Here is a simple way to help strengthen the adductor group to help improve recovery and performance.

ACL exercise- lateral hip strength

This exercise can be used to prevent acl injuries as well as to do after injury. Often, our lateral hip is very weak which leads to acl injuries. This simple exercise with a loop will help you strengthen the hips and prevent injuries.

ACL Flexibility

While extension is very important when rehabbing an ACL, knee flexion is also important. Use this easy flexion stretch with a towel to distract the knee joint to help with mobility.

Knee Range of Motion- Medial collateral ligament

The medial collateral ligament is commonly sprained in sports. Keeping the knee from losing mobility is critical in the healing process. Try this simple range of motion exercise to help improve mobility.

ACL exercise

After knee surgery, especially the ACL, many patients lose their extension. If this extension is not gained quickly it can
impede the healing process. Try this stretch to improve your extension.

Straight leg exercise for quadriceps

Following most knee surgeries the quadriceps (thigh) muscle loses muscle mass in a matter of days. The stronger you are prior to surgery, the stronger you will be after surgery. This simple straight leg exercise can be done pre and post-operatively.

Lateral hip strength on Bosu

Most athletes have lateral hip weakness. This advanced exercise is an excellent way to increase lateral hip strength as well as core stability and shoulder stability

Upper body Plyometric

This is an excellent exercise to help build hip and trunk stability as well as arm explosion for sports such as golf and tennis. You don’t need a lot of weight for this exercise. The exercise should be explosive for fast twitch muscle fibers.

Strength Test

Try this simple test to determine if one leg is stronger than the other. Typically, you will have a dominate leg that may compensate for the other leg. All you need for the test is a wall and a stopwatch.

Lateral Hip Strength

This is an excellent core exercise for tennis. It will isolate the lateral hip, which is extremely important for lateral movement as well as hip and back stability.