Advanced Hip Stretch

Advanced Hip Stretch

The hip, in particular your dominant hip can become tight and create altered biomechanics leading to injury. This advanced stretch can be done before and after activity to improve hip mobility and prevent hip, knee and back pain.

Best knee, hip and back stretch

The hip flexors are one of the most powerful muscle groups in the body. Unfortunately, the become shortened in many because of all the sitting we do. This muscle attaches to the hip and lower back and can create pain in the low back, hip, knee and even foot and ankle. Therefore, this is one of the most important exercise for any athlete to perform daily.

ACL Flexibility

While extension is very important when rehabbing an ACL, knee flexion is also important. Use this easy flexion stretch with a towel to distract the knee joint to help with mobility.

Knee Range of Motion- Medial collateral ligament

The medial collateral ligament is commonly sprained in sports. Keeping the knee from losing mobility is critical in the healing process. Try this simple range of motion exercise to help improve mobility.

Straight leg exercise for quadriceps

Following most knee surgeries the quadriceps (thigh) muscle loses muscle mass in a matter of days. The stronger you are prior to surgery, the stronger you will be after surgery. This simple straight leg exercise can be done pre and post-operatively.

Frozen shoulder stretch

The Frozen shoulder is a very painful and long process. Trying to gently improve mobility can help reduce pain and increase range of motion.

Plantar Fasciitis Foam Roller Exercises

Try these foam roller exercises to help alleviate plantar fasciitis pain.

Hip Flexor Foam Roller for Runners

The hip flexors are a powerful muscle group that commonly becomes tight. When the hip flexors become tight they can alter the biomechanics in athletes, especially runners. The tight hip flexor can shorten stride length which can create achilles, knee and back problems. By using the foam roller, then performing a stretch the hip flexor can lengthen and loosen.

Great Piriformis Stretch on foam roller

The Piriformis, which is a hip rotator, can become very tight in athletes. When this muscle gets tight it can cause low back pain, hip pain and knee pain. Try this foam roller technique to help lengthen the muscle.

Dynamic Warm-up Exercise for low back

Dynamic warm- up is an excellent way to warm up prior to any exercise. Taking the body through multiple movements helps to prepare the body for athletic activity.