Best knee, hip and back stretch

Best knee, hip and back stretch

The hip flexors are one of the most powerful muscle groups in the body. Unfortunately, the become shortened in many because of all the sitting we do. This muscle attaches to the hip and lower back and can create pain in the low back, hip, knee and even foot and ankle. Therefore, this is one of the most important exercise for any athlete to perform daily.

Advanced Core Performance Exercise

This advanced exercise is a great way to improve your core stability and upper body power.

ACL exercise- lateral hip strength

This exercise can be used to prevent acl injuries as well as to do after injury. Often, our lateral hip is very weak which leads to acl injuries. This simple exercise with a loop will help you strengthen the hips and prevent injuries.

Advanced Core & Shoulder stability


This is an advanced exercise to help improve core and shoulder stability. Start with a light weight and gradually increase. Try the single leg plank after several weeks of performing the regular plank row.

Core- plank on swiss ball

This is an advanced core exercise. It is excellent for trunk stability, which is beneficial to golfers and tennis players

Back Exercise

This a simple and effective way to strengthen the smaller low back muscles.

Lateral Hip Strength

This is an excellent core exercise for tennis. It will isolate the lateral hip, which is extremely important for lateral movement as well as hip and back stability.

Back Exercise on Bosu

This is a simple exercise to help develop lower back strength which can prevent low back pain and injury.

Plank Rows

This is one of my favorite exercises. It really involves the entire body! It is an advanced exercise so start slowly.

Plank with trunk rotation

This is an excellent core exercise for any sport, but it is great for tennis players. The plank position engages the core, and adding a trunk rotation adds an advanced element, which engages the obliques.